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Engineering Insurance
It includes several types:
  • • Integrated civil works insurance:
  • It covers engineering projects, after completing their implementation, against fire hazards, operating errors, natural hazards, and soil collapse.

  • • Electronic equipment insurance:
  • It covers sudden and unexpected physical loss or damage to electronic devices, as well as natural hazards.

  • • Machine breakdown insurance:
  • It covers machinery breakdown during the annual insurance period.

  • • Onshore contractors equipment insurance:
  • It covers all heavy equipment used by the contractor in construction operations in the following cases:
    - While it is on the site and operating it, during the insurance period, which is annual.
    - during natural hazards.

  • • Insurance against all risks of installation:
  • Covers installation work for projects in the following cases: - during the installation period.
    - During the trial period, maintenance.
    - It extends to cover the civil liability of the third party, whether related to bodily injuries or material damage to the property of others.
    - It covers natural hazards.

  • • Contractors All Risks Insurance:
  • This type of insurance covers contracting works for all projects under construction and construction, during the construction and maintenance period.
    It also extends to cover the civil liability of the third party, whether related to bodily injuries or material damage to the property of others, as well as natural hazards..
    The projects that can be covered under this type of insurance include the following:
    Construction of the following buildings:
    - For residential buildings of all kinds.
    - Administrative buildings.
    - Recreational buildings.
    - Other types of buildings such as: hospitals, hotels, resorts, and factories.
    - Construction of roads and bridges.
    - Construction of water purification plants, including laying pipelines for them.
    - Constructing sewage or fresh water pumping stations, as well as extending their pipelines.
    - Construction of port berths and breakwaters.
    - Building restoration or maintenance projects.
    - Soil settlement or excavation projects.
    - City planning projects.
    The insurance protection provided by the contractors' all risks policies against:
    - Material losses resulting from fire, burglary, theft, explosion, lack of skill, or wrong execution.
    - Civil losses that result from natural hazards such as: flood, inundation, hurricanes, earthquakes, subsidence.
    - This document covers the civil liability resulting from the physical and material damages that occur to others due to the implementation of installation and construction, and which occur as a result of the project works..

Insurance features:
  • - Prices are competitive..
  • - The speed of disbursement of compensation.