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Various Accidents Insurance
General accidents provide protection from various risks such as personal accident, home insurance, fidelity guarantee, cash transfer, civil liability, etc. of types as follows
  • 1 - Dishonesty
  • Covering waste or embezzlement of the permanent employees of the insured, provided that they are insured by the Social Insurance Authority. The conditions required for issuing the names of persons and the amount of insurance to all

  • 2- Transfer of cash (theft from a person by force, loss or damage due to an unwilling cause )
  • Theft insurance with violence against movable property faced by permanent employees responsible for transferring cash from the workplace to banks or vice versa. The expected total cost of transportation and the maximum per shift during the year are specified

  • 3- Personal accident insurance policy
  • Insurance of workers in any company or institution with the names of persons, the amount of insurance per person, and coverage for 24 hours a day, or it can be insured without mentioning the names in the case of factories that follow the daily shift system. Coverage in this case is during and because of work. The policy covers death as a result of an accident - permanent total or partial disability resulting from an accident - temporary total disability (treatment expenses resulting from the accident)

  • 4- General civil liability coverage
  • Insuring visitors inside shopping centers or any company’s premises against physical injuries that may occur to visitors and specifying the liability required for coverage

  • 5- Civil liability for oil companies
  • Insurance of physical and material damages to third parties as a result of the insured's work in oil companies' projects

  • 6 - Passenger responsibility
  • This coverage is for the passengers of cars or buses owned by the insured against bodily damage or death as a result of the accident that occurs to the passengers. The number of cars and each carload required for coverage )

  • 7 - Employer liability
  • The employer's responsibility towards the workers covers what happens to them from physical damage arising from the nature of the work, which requires data on the number of employees, wages, limits of liability required, activity and work location.

  • 8 - Elevator liability insurance
  • A compulsory 3-year document for elevator accidents that requires the type of elevator - the load - the number of floors of the building for issuance

  • 9- Doctors' civil liability
  • It covers any liability of the doctor towards the patient and is due to a court ruling as a result of his work. The name of the doctor - specialization - union registration number - the amount of insurance required is specified.

  • 10- Family and home protection
  • The policy covers insurance for the contents of the apartment to be insured against the risks of fire - burglary - lack of water - the use of artificial keys - personal accidents of the husband or wife - the civil liability of the neighbors - the civil liability of the owner. Insurance requires a list of contents to be insured and a pre-release inspection

  • 11- Glass break document
  • It covers the facade of shops and commercial complexes, and we are provided with the space required for insurance, the amount of insurance, and the inspection before issuance

  • 12- All the dangers of livestock deaths
  • Livestock insurance (cows - buffaloes) for fattening or milking for private farms. Insurance requires a list of the number of the herd to be insured and the amount of insurance per head. All livestock heads must be numbered and inspected before issuance.

  • 13- An insurance policy against personal accidents for diving and snorkeling instructors
  • The policy covers accidents that happen to diving and snorkeling instructors to obtain a license to practice the profession or to renew an expired license. • The professional responsibility of the diving and snorkeling instructor towards individuals during their training or diving with them. • There are coverages for this policy according to the requirements of the Diving and Snorkeling Association

  • 14- Guarantee of non-payment of loans (personal loan - car loan - loans for small and medium enterprises )
  • According to this document, the company undertakes to pay to the bank the value of the remaining loan installments owed by the insured in the event that he fails to pay three consecutive installments after deducting the stipulated deductible percentage, provided that the company's responsibility does not exceed the insurance amount issued by this policy, after verifying the inability of the insured to pay . And according to the terms of the document issued by our company and approved by the Financial Regulatory Authority

  • 15- Risks of non-payment of financial leasing
  • The company undertakes to pay to the insured the due compensation (after deducting the deductible value stipulated in the schedule of this policy) as a direct result of the failure of the insured's clients, referred to hereinafter as "the insured", to pay their financial obligations arising from the contracts under which the insured granted them credit in the event of failure Their fulfillment by paying three consecutive installments according to the payment terms stipulated in those contracts, during the insurance period mentioned in the schedule of this policy, or any subsequent period approved by the company according to an appendix for which the insured shall pay the premium due for him. And according to the terms of the document issued by our company and approved by the Financial Regulatory Authority

  • 16- Guarantee of mortgage receivables
  • The company undertakes to pay to the insured the amounts due (after deducting the deductible value stipulated in the schedule of this policy) from the insured as a direct result of his failure to pay his obligations under the loan contract concluded between the insured and the insured, during the insurance period stipulated in the schedule of this policy or any period A suffix approved by the company under an addendum for which the insured shall pay the due premium. No modifications may be made to the policy except after obtaining the written consent of the insured. It is well known that any compensations owed by the company under this policy are paid directly to the insured in accordance with the general conditions of this policy.

Insurance features :
  • - Prices are competitive..
  • - The speed of disbursement of compensation.