31 Mohamed Kamel Morsi Street - Mohandessin - Giza

Suez Canal Insurance Company's Strategy

The Vision

Suez Canal Insurance strives to be a leading insurance organization in the Egyptian insurance market acting responsibly towards the Egyptian community. It is also committed to provide excellent services to its customers through simplified policy issuance, quick payment of claims and an introduction of a new range of insurance products.

The Mission statement

Suez Canal Insurance’s goal is to rank first among the Egyptian Insurance companies by earning a high level of customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty and benefiting its shareholders.

The values

Suez Canal Insurance’s values are the guide that inspires its actions and decisions.

- Customer driven

It emphasizes on the customer needs and it is committed to:
-Providing them with high quality insurance services
- Building its relationship with them

- Team work

The company seeks to achieve its objectives through a team of highly effective and experienced managers and staff loyal to the organization. It cares about their continuous development through focused training programs whether in-country or abroad, thus, helping them reach high levels of individual and team performance. Their contribution to the company’s success is recognized and rewarded.


The Suez Canal Insurance is working on a continuous improvement and development of the services rendered either pre or post-policy issuance.

- Integrity

The company is honest and fair. It keeps its promises and respects compliance with the regulatory requirements.

The methodology

The Suez Canal Insurance plans, executes, monitors, reviews and evaluates its performance by applying a unique model in the insurance field. Through a systematic approach it collects its data, produces progress indicators that support its decision-making process and which finally helps achieve its objectives.