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Motor Insurance

The insurance company undertakes to compensate the insured for total or partial damage to the vehicle and its confirmed accessories, while it’s parked or moving in the following cases:

Collision and/or rollover as a result of:
Friction or hitting another object.
Sudden mechanical failure or tire explosion.
Fire, explosions, or auto-ignition.
Intentional act by another person.
During road and rail transport, while crossing the Nile or the Suez Canal from one side to the other.
Accidents causing total or partial loss of the insured car or any of its confirmed accessories due to theft or burglary.
Civil liability for third-party property up to 10000 EGP.
Insured can ask for the following additional coverage with additional premium
Drivers and passengers’ personal accident insurance providing compensation for death, partial and total disability resulting from an accident.
Auto insurance against dangers of political violence, such as riots, terrorism, revolutions, and civil disorder.
Auto insurance against natural hazards such as floods and earthquakes.
Increasing civil liability insurance premiums of third-party properties.
Roadside side assistance services in case of accidents or car breakdown, such as towing the vehicle and hospital emergency expenses.
Insurance coverage is offered at low price, in addition to the following benefits:
Policy issuance is done within a day.
Easy payment through Fawryor one of our bank accounts.
Brand new vehicles (Notlicensed): inspection of car before issuance policy is not requested.
Used vehicles (Licensed): inspected at client premises.
Claim department team is working 7 days a week.
Professional team to serve client needs and clarifying all their.
The client determines the authorized workshop to fix the car.
Less procedures and time for claim settlement.
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