Financial Indicators 2014


During thirty-five years of trust and relief, the company becomes the optimal model and has great experience in providing premium insurance service in order to support and ensure the stability of the national economy. The company has highly qualified experts with technical, financial and administrative capabilities and productive system at the highest level which leads to be constantly at the top

We are honored to show the achievements during the fiscal year in 30/06/2014 and thanks to Allah that the company continues its success in the Egyptian insurance market under the prevailing economic and political conditions.
1- The written premiums amounted to LE 408.40 million during fiscal year 2013/2014 compared to LE 361.7 million of the previous year, an increase of 46.7 LE million and approximately 13% growth rate.
2- The compensations paid to customers in 2013/2014 amounted to LE 136 million compared to LE 218 million of the previous year and that demonstrates the positive role of the company in the fulfillment of its commitment toward policyholders and beneficiaries.
3- The technical provisions of the company amounted to LE 260 million in 2013/2014 compared to LE 234 million of the previous year. 
4- The company is keen on investing the available funds in the various investment pools as stipulated in the provisions of the law for the benefit of the company. The net funds invested in 2013/2014 reached LE 585 million compared to LE 611 million of the previous year. The investment return of the current year amounted to LE 47.28 million compared to LE 42.81 million of the previous year.
The company has made net profits for the financial year ended in 30/6/2014 LE 21.45 millioncompared to LE 22.10 million of the previous year

For the culmination of these efforts, Suez Canal Company maintains its unique progress, which is confirmed by the solvency of the company, client trust, and its good governance of the insurance and investment portfolio. According to what the company's results have shown, I would like to thank regulatory authorities for its fruitful cooperation with the company, shareholders for their support and company's staff for their tireless efforts and their superb performance.

Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Abdallah 
Deputy Chairman