Special bonus 10%, monthly incentive and change of transfer allowance-31/07/2019

Eng. Mohamed Adel Fathy, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Ahmed Shehab, Managing Director, held a meeting attended by the company's leaders and some of the young employees on Wednesday, 2019/7/31
To discuss the results of the financial year ending on 30/6/2019, where the premiums exceeded one billion pounds and investments amounted to 1.1 billion pounds
The management of the company announced the granting of a special bonus of 10% to a minimum of 75 pounds for the basic salary, a monthly incentive of a lump sum of 150 pounds
The senior management listened to the views of the employees, where the management of the company stressed the importance of continuous communication between the staff and senior management and that it allows the existence of effective solutions to the problems and gives new indicators and ideas and the Chairman thanked the employees for these efforts during the past year