Suez Canal Insurance

Transport Insurance

Suez Canal Insurance Company undertakes to indemnify the insured against the loss and damage to the cargo shipments during transit by sea, air, land or river in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in the cargo insurance policy issued


Types of transport policies

Conditions and hazards that covered by the transport insurance policies are varying to allow the insured to choose the suitable policy and conditions for the transit, contract, and cargo required to be insured, These types are varied as follows:

Insurance policy for sea or air cargo

This type of this insurance covers all types of transited cargo by sea whether it is exported or imported, starting from the source stores to the port of exit to the port of import and then during the shipping and the unloading process in the port of arrival. Also, it includes the internal transit throughout the importing country until it reaches the stores thereto. This is governed by the global conditions that was issued by  LLOYD market in London There are three basic conditions(a. b, c) Also the insurance could be extended to cover the war risks, disorders, riots, civil disorders

This policy covers the cargo in accordance with the issued conditions by the LLOYD market in London that is signed by the Insurance Federation of Egypt

Cargo insurance conditions (all risks)

Cargo insurance conditions

Cargo insurance conditions

Conditions of total loss caused by the destruction of the tanker unit

Insurance policy for sea or air cargo

Road damages and the complementary conditions that mentioned below:
*Armed robbery conditions
*loading and unloading conditions



Contact Details:

Mr. Tarek Hasan Qadry Afify

General Manager of Marine Insurance
Deputy Head of Marine Cargo Insurance Committee of the Insurance Federation of Egypt

اjoined the company in 1985
Educational Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce - Ain-Shams University- 1984


- Marine insurance course in Commercial Research and Studies Center- Cairo University- 1988
- Marine insurance course in Munich Re Company- Germany- 1991
- Training Course number 28 in the Insurance Institute for the Training of Middle Management from 15/9/1992 to 15/12/1992
- The Scientific Program Course for the Maritime Insurance in The Egyptian Reinsurance Company - 1994
- Program Course in Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee- Advisory Research Center- 1995
- Maritime Law & Marine Insurance Claims Course - Richards Hogg- London- 1995
- Seminar on Recent Trends in the World of Insurance - Arab Center for Financial Studies- 1997
- Anti-Money Laundering Seminar in insurance companies - 1999
- specialized training course in decision-making from Insurance Studies Institute-2005
- Marine Insurance Course in Korean National Insurance Corporation in North Korea- 2010
- International Arbitration Course from Studies Institute Of Arbitration in Alexandria - 2010
- Marine Insurance Conference in Aqaba City/ Jordan- 2013
- Course in government- International Commercial bank- Ramses Hilton- 2014
- Lecturer in Training Center of Suez Canal Insurance Company
- Visiting lecturer at the Institute of Insurance Studies

Telephone 37613024(202+)
Mobile 01001873205(202+)


Mr. Tarek Sanad Mohamed Abdo

Marine Compensation General Manager
joined the company in 1992
Educational Qualification:
- Bachelor of Commerce - Cairo University - 1984
- Diploma in Insurance - Cairo University 1992

Courses and Seminars:

Several courses and conferences inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, ones of the utmost important:
Course in General Average Settlement in Richard Hogg in London
- Course in Insurance Preparations in Oman.
- Computer Course from El Mohandes computer Company.
Specialized course in ISO 9000
Quality System. -courses and conferences in Marine Insurance.


- working in Marine Insurance Field since 1988 till now.
Member in Marine Cargo Insurance Committee of the Insurance Federation of Egypt.
- Lecturer in Marine Insurance.
- Chairman of the Maritime Examiners Committee in the Company.
Telephone (202+)33356840
Mobile (202+)01001798030


Mr. Mohamed Hasan Farghaly

Marine Transportation Issuance General Manager
joined the company in 1990.
Telephone   37620299(202+)
Mobile   01001798980(202+)