Decennial Insurance


 The company is committed to covering civil liability against the damage occurring to the third parties caused by a total or partial collapse of building and establishments as following


The liability of the engineers and contractors during the execution period, as shown in the schedule of the document, or through any extension of execution period under the complementary appendices

The owner's liability for damage referred to, if it occurs during coming ten years, until the expiration of the execution period shown in the schedule thereof and its appendices or delivery, whichever is sooner


The validity of insurance shall start from commencement date of the implementation of the licensed works, if the insured does not notify the insurer of the commencement date of the start of the actual implementation, the issuance date of the document shall the be the due date for the entry into force of the document
The maximum amount of money which is paid by the company for the bodily and physical damage to the person is only two million Egyptian pounds for one accident, provided that the liability of the company shall not exceed for both bodily and  physical damage to one person for one hundred Egyptian pounds




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