Various Accidents Insurance

Includes many types as the following:



1 -  Breach of trust (Malversation)

Financial disclosure insurance for permanent employees of the insured and provided that they are insured with the social insurance body. The required conditions for issuance the people names and the amount of insurance for everyone.

2- Policy of robbery with violence, damage or loss due to out of the will (cash transfer)

Robbery with violence insurance the movable property faced in the possession of permanent staff in charge of cash transfer from the workplace to banks or vice versa. The expected total cost of transportation and the maximum per shift are determined during the year.

3- Insurance policy of personal accident

Workers insurance in any company or institution with the names of people and the amount of insurance for each person and coverage for 24 hours a day or can be insured without mentioning the names in case of the factories that follows the daily shifts system. And the coverage in this case be during and because of the work. The policy covers, death due to an accident - total or partial permanent disability resulting from an accident - temporary total disability (treatment expenses resulting from the accident)

4- Coverage of the general civil liability

Visitors insurance inside malls or places of any company against physical injuries that visitors may occur and the required liability of coverage is determined.

5 - Civil liability for oil companies

Insurance of material and physical damage caused to others as a result of the insured to work in the oil companies projects.

6 - Passenger Liability

This coverage be at the passengers of cars or buses owned the insured against physical damage or death as a result of the incident, which occur for passengers. The number of buses and each bus load are required for the coverage.

7 -  Employer's Liability

Employer's Liability towards the workers covers what is happening to them from physical damage arising from the nature of the work requires the data of employees number, wages, salaries and limitation of the required liability.

8 - Liability of lifts insurance

Mandatory policy of 3 years for incidents of lifts and it has a mandatory tariff requires the elevator type - the load - the number of floors of the building for issuance.

9 - Civil liability of Doctors

It covers any responsibility of the physician to the patient and is governed by judicial practice as a result of his work and the doctor name is determined - Specialization - the amount of insurance required.

10 - Protection of the family and home

The policy covers insurance on the contents of the apartment required to be insured against fire hazards - burglary - water lacking - use of artificial keys - personal accident of the husband or wife - civil liability for neighbors - civil liability for the owner. Insurance requires a list of contents need to insured and make a preview before issuance.

11 - Glass Policy

It covers the shops and malls of glass surfaces and we are provided with the space required for insurance and the amount of insurance and the preview before issuance.

12 - All the dangers of livestock deaths

Insurance of cattle (cows and buffaloes) milker and fattening of the private farms and the insurance requires a list of the herd number need to be insured and that all cattle be numbered, and the preview before issuance.

13 - Personal accident insurance policy for diving and snorkeling instructors

This document covers accidents that occur to diving and snorkeling instructors to obtain a license to practice the profession or to renew an expired license. • The professional responsibility of the diving instructor and snorkeler towards individuals during their training or diving with them. • There are coverages for this document in accordance with the requirements of the Syndicate of Diving and Snorkeling

14 -  Insurance for ensure non-payment of dues of Micro finance

The donor banks for loans of the small businesses or loans of the government or private-sector employees or individuals are contracted up to a maximum of 5 years of the loan. The insurance must be on the entire insurance portfolio granted by the Bank and the policy to ensure non-payment when borrower stopped for three consecutive installments, the compensation is given after Bank to take legal action against the borrower.


15 -  Personal accident insurance for Egyptians working abroad

Enjoy the benefits granted to you by the document and cover covered by the document as cover of death as a result of accident and covering the total permanent disability arising from accident and covering the permanent partial disability resulting from an accident and according to the disability ratio schedule and general temporary disability coverage as a result of accident and medical treatment resulting from accident.


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